Saturday, August 20, 2011

July 26, 2010

Beth's Chemistry World . . .

 . . .  is a real world. It is my own world. It is more than make believe. There, I learn many interesting things, its fun. Why? Because I create and make my own kind of fun, like make aspirin, separate DNA from plants, insects, and even from inside my own mouth.

     My real world is really real. It is real because everything I do and have is used in real laboratory research and other experiences in daily life. Everthing I do focuses on something about real life even the fun things I do.

      Because all my tools are real doctor’s instruments and laboratory equipment, I conduct real experiments. This adventure makes me critically think about real issues and how to solve them. At present, I am learning the scientific method and how to write a theory about some of the experiments I do.

     Also, I like to read. I spend some of my time reading all kinds of books. I like to workout math situations too. It’s all fun, if you know how to make your own fun. Send an Email to me at, tell me about some things you do that makes lerrning fun.